Twin Cities Bail Bonds is currently looking for applicants for the following positions:

Bail Bond - Runner /Posting Agent

Part Time or Full Time

Bail Bondsman (Insurance Producer)

All applicants must meet pre-qualification standards for licensing; No felony convictions (excluding DUI's), no thefts, no crimes of violence, and have must have a valid MN driver’s license.

Please be prepared to schedule an office interview if considered for the bail bondsman position, as the licensing process may be conducted the same day. There is a cost for licensing that applicants are responsible for at the time of licensing and interview if considered for the position.
Furthermore, applicants may be required to provide prior criminal history documents if applicable, to be included with the licensing process, in which it may be required and applicable.

Bail Enforcement Agent | Recovery Staff (On-Call)

All Bail Enforcement Agents, if considered, will be required to schedule an office interview with current lead bail investigator. If the job is offered, all applicants will be subject to a background review prior to service.


  • 3 Years min experience.
  • 24 Hours on call.
  • Conceal carry permit is a plus, but not required.
  • No felony convictions (Excluding DUI), no gross misdemeanor convictions, thefts or crimes of violence.
  • Must have a valid MN Driver’s license.

Applicants must fill out an application form online. Twin Cities Bail Bonds is
NOT accepting employment inquiries over the phone. Please click below
to fill out an application form.

Application Form