Surety Bail Bonds in Minneapolis, MN

Do what it takes to get a fast release for yourself, your loved one, or your friend by working with the professional bond agents at Twin Cities Bail Bonds. Our bail bond company in Minneapolis, MN, has the experience necessary to quickly maneuver you through the jail release process.

Bail amounts are meant to be a deterrent. That means many times the price of bail is high enough that most people do not have the readily available funds to pay. As one of the most reputable bail bond companies in Minneapolis, MN, we help you afford the complete bail amount by only charging 10% of the cost. Once you pay that, we go to the jail and pay the entire bond amount for you. Our surety bonds help you or a loved one get out of jail so you can get back to your life while you await your court date.

Eliminate Complicated Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a jail release, and everything must be filled out correctly for the judge to approve the bail. Work with our bail bondsman in Minneapolis, MN, to make sure that the paperwork is properly filled out and filed. We know what the court is looking for when it comes to filing for a jail release and we handle all of the work for you.

With more than 40 years of experience, our team has made it a lifelong mission to help individuals and their family, friends, and loved ones understand the bail bond process. We discuss the concept of collateral with you as well as the basics of the 10% payment and the obligations of the charged individual to the court. As soon as a bond amount is set, we are here to help.

Dignified Bail Assistance 24 Hours a Day

When someone close to you, or you yourself, are arrested and charged with a crime it can be a tough time that can leave you feeling emotionally drained and vulnerable. Our surety bondsman understands the situation you are in and treats you with the dignity and respect you deserve throughout the bail bond process. This includes explaining all of the details of the bond process to all of those involved and guiding you through the steps of dealing with the court system towards your release from jail.

Whether you need our assistance in the middle of the working day or in the dead of night, our team is going to be available to assist you. We start the process of getting you or your loved one out of jail immediately, even if they are facing felony-level charges.

Contact us if you are in need of a surety bond. Our bail bonds agents provide quick service to clients located throughout Minneapolis as well as the rest of Minnesota.